03 May

The purpose of boxing gloves is to protect your hands against impact. Proper fit is the most important factor to consider. Remember that wearing hand wraps underneath the gloves will make gloves fit tighter so make sure you put hand wraps on when fitting gloves. 

As a general guideline, take a flexible measuring tape or piece of string and wrap it around the palm of your open dominant hand just below the knuckles. Use the measurement to select and fit a glove size as per the guidelines below:

13.97cm – 16.51cm = 6oz-10oz gloves 

16.51cm-19.05cm = 10oz-12oz gloves 

19.05cm-21.59cm = 12oz-14oz gloves 

21.59cm-24.13cm = 14oz-16oz gloves 

24.13cm and larger = 16oz-20oz gloves

Gloves should not fit too lose as it will not offer adequate protection to your hands. It should also not fit too tight as it will be uncomfortable to workout. Bear in mind that the padding inside the glove will compact over time so it is important to select a glove that is not too loose fitting  

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