22 Jul

Visualization helps you to achieve fitness goals. Here is a really effective strategy.

Put up a picture of your ideal self. It doesn't have to actually be a picture of you. It can be anyone you want to look like. For example, you can cut out a picture of a model in a magazine, and then you cut out one of your pictures and put your face over their face. Then put it on your refrigerator, or in your bedroom somewhere where you can see it, or put it up at work right next to your computer. You're going to put that visualization out in the open, and every time you see it, tell yourself, “This is what I ultimately want to look like.” Your mind can grasp that this is possible.

Then, next to that you're going to put a picture of what you don't want to look like. It could be a picture of what you look like right now, or it could be a picture of the fattest person you've ever seen, with jelly doughnut on their chin and a pizza sitting in front of them, messed up hair, saggy eyes. Someone who is the model for unhealthy. That should be right next to the person that you want to look like. It’s a graphic reminder of the consequences if you don’t do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it. That should motivate you to steer away from the bad image and move towards the other one.

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