10 Jan

There are only three fundamental rules to getting in shape, and they are as certain as gravity. You can't get around them, you can't make them not happen, you can't avoid them. They're laws of nature. 

1. You have to work out. 

You have to find a sound, fun and effective workout program that stimulates you. Not something that's mundane. The important thing is that you've got to stay with it, so choosing a workout that is fun, entertaining and something you like is a must. Just make sure is incorporates both cardio and strength training.

2. You have to have a sound and easy-to-follow nutritional program. 

All too often we make things complicated. There are diets out there that require sophisticated math or strict regimens. It becomes very complicated, and people don't like complication. They won't stick with it. The fact is, once you learn the simple and easy-to follow basics of nutrition, you will win with nutrition.

3. You have to be consistent. 

Once again I'll state: anyone can do anything for a short amount of time. Anyone can start a marathon, but those who finish it are the ones who accomplish something. They reached the goal. That's what makes it special. I can start climbing Mt. Everest, but it doesn't mean much if I don't reach the top. Anyone can save R10, but can you save R10,000 or R100,000 or R1,000,000? It's all about being consistent. 

In Summary

So these are the top three things. You have to have a systematic, fun workout that you will stick to. You have to have a sound and easy-to-follow nutritional program. You have to have intense consistency. Those are the only three steps that work. It's a time-tested, guaranteed way to get in and stay in the best shape of your life.

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