COBRA FIT™ Bloemfontein is part of a global brand. It is the only licensed facility in Bloemfontein authorized to present COBRA FIT™ Fitness Kickboxing & Weight Loss Classes. Our boutique training facility is equipped with state of the art equipment and offers an upmarket feeling. We only cater for small groups so you will never get that overcrowded gym feeling so commonly found in the big gyms. Because we only cater for small groups, each member is assured of personal attention and we know each member by name. Your internationally certified instructor will always be available to offer you support, guidance and inspiration. On top of this, you also get exclusive access to the COBRA FIT™ Online Member Portal which offers a variety of free products to support you to achieve your fitness goals. Our “train like a fighter” workouts are fun and guaranteed to produce results. Routines change every week so you will never have to do the same old boring routine over and over.

 Every person is different and results vary from person to person and depends on how closely members follow the nutritional guidelines and how regularly and intensely they train . Our program does not focus on the scale. Scales lie.  We focus on seeing visible results, being more flexible, being physically stronger and feeling better. We focus on long-term health and vitality with lasting results, not short-term results which are not sustainable.   
You do not have to be in great shape to start COBRA Fit™. If your doctor says you can do it, you can do it. All students work at their own pace and no one is expected to do more than they are capable of doing. Since the program moves at the students pace, it is a non-intimidating way to get in shape.
No prior boxing, kickboxing or other fitness training experience is required. COBRA Fit ™ was developed with the client in mind. It focuses on what works now and anyone can learn it.  COBRA Fit™ provides you with a personal trainer type of instructor to help you along the way.
Attending classes as regularly as possible is critical for success. Missing classes means that your progress is slower. We prefer to work with clients who are committed to achieving their goals so if you think that you will regularly miss classes, this is probably not the best fitness training option for you.
No you do not have to fight anyone. Punching and kicking is done against a variety of boxing and kickboxing bags. The combinations used and the strength/conditioning training is the same as fighters use when training hence the term “fighters workout”.

Yes, the training is based on the way fighters train. The creator of COBRA Fit is a Black Belt Kickboxer and he based the training on his fitness training routine.