15 May

Here are some tips to keep your boxing gloves clean and smelling fresh:

1) Always wear hand wraps which you should wash after each training session. Think of them as socks for your hands. If you do not wear hand wraps, your boxing gloves becomes a lot more moist during exercise.

2) Take your gloves out of your gym bag immediately after a workout. This is to ensure that the damp gloves do not stay in a closed and dark environment where all sorts of nasty things can grow in them. 

3) After a workout, wipe the outside of your glove with a disinfectant liquid. 

4) Allow the inside of your glove to dry out by opening it as wide as possible and leave it to naturally dry out.

5) Once a week, spray the inside of your glove with a disinfectant spray or surgical alcohol and allow to dry out. This helps to kill bacteria and helps to eliminate bad odors in your gloves.

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